Taste is everything

We 'do' the entire process chain

From conceiving the idea and choosing the right producers to launching the product. For you, this means: A safe decision, since we deliver on time & in budget, while managing the entire process.  Our product is a living entity … and is therefore never exactly the same: Each and every tomato is different, even if they were grown at the same location. A change in the weather will result in the fruit tasting different. While this does not make our job any easier, it ensures it is worthwhile: We come up with the ideas and recipes to capture the mouth-watering taste of the raw ingredients - and then bring this taste to the market and into your customers' homes inside a jar. That is true passion and commitment – and it ensures we are an excellent trade partner.

Professional trading firm
Production and trade are two strands of our business that have always run in parallel: We have access to numerous production sites while at the same time being your retailer of choice.  Your advantage: Better prices and control over the product. We are often given the task of bringing a customer's idea to life – and that is something a pure retailer cannot do. Only someone who knows how production works and what processes need can turn an idea into a distinct and marketable product. 


Beyond the facts and figures
We choose our business partners carefully. We know all our manufacturers personally as many have worked for us for a long time; and we have visited their premises to meet the team and view the facilities and know exactly what they can deliver.  We also believe it is important that you, as a potential customer, can see what we are all about beyond the usual marketing fluff. You can also find out more about us here – Figures, data and facts.