A secret star

Olives are a must for every occasion: In Martini drinks and many other cocktails, as an aperitif, as well as in salads, casseroles and even desserts. We are dedicated to using very special and less familiar varieties of olive – where else would you find Bella di Cerignola olives so easily. An olive is not just an olive, there is an unbelievable range of choice, although this is not widely known. We want the olive to be a surprise guest on every table!

Black and green olives

Filled in jars or trays:

  • Taggiasche, pitted in extra virgin olive oil D.O.P. Riviera Ligure Riviera dei Fiori
  • Bella di Cerignola in brine
  • Green olives in brine
  • Green olives stuffed with peppers
  • Green olives stuffed with various cream cheeses
  • Kalamata olives in sunflower oil